Fluoride & Desensitizing Treatments

Fluoride is a naturally occurring element that is present in many foods and water supplies. It can help strengthen teeth and is the most effective agent (in combination with good oral hygiene) to prevent tooth decay.  Dr. Abraham will generally recommend a professional in-office fluoride treatment (utilizing mouth guard-like trays) for children under 16, usually twice a year after each dental cleaning. 

Sometimes, older children and adults require fluoride treatments in the form of a professionally-applied fluoride varnish or with home use of a prescription-strength fluoride toothpaste to further protect teeth from decay or to treat hypersensitive teeth.  Frequent sugar or carbohydrate intake, poor oral hygiene or lack of salivary flow due to certain medications or medical conditions may also contribute to the need for these fluoride treatments.  After a thorough assessment, Dr. Abraham will help you determine which treatment is best for your individual needs.