Approach to Care

Dental Care Customized for You

In our practice patients are always the top priority. Our approach to care is comprehensive in nature; we treat the whole patient, not just one tooth at a time.

Each member of our staff is a dental care expert with multiple years of experience and training. We welcome any question you have about oral health and promise to empower you with information at every opportunity.

As your partner in care we begin each visit with a conversation about your health and lifestyle. We want to address any changes, needs for care, and desires for improvement that you may have.

To begin the physical portion of your visit we provide you with a detailed head and neck exam. We then examine the inside of your mouth with our intraoral camera allowing you see everything we notice. Once we have a complete picture of your oral health we work with you to design a customized treatment plan to meet your oral and physical health needs, while also accounting for your lifestyle.

Above all, we understand that excellent oral health contributes to lifelong wellness. As care providers we willingly partner with any and all members of your circle of care. We are proud to be your choice for dentistry and love to see you smile.